In the last row, effort doesn't show - Zlín

Photogether Gallery Zlín 13.7. – 31.8.2021

In the last row, effort doesn’t show

Student Line in Art & Event Gallery Černá labuť

The project follows along the same line as the two previous exhibitions of pieces created by young artists from both art academies in Prague, with a fairly loose content and a vague, slightly provocative name. It is basically an opportunity to hold an exhibition in a gallery in Prague, aiming higher than to just be a “school” exhibition — more like an after-school detention exhibition… Like in both previous exhibition opportunities, we complied a catalogue this time as well; I’d like to think that for some participants the exhibition also served as a decent launching point into the broader awareness — like Laura Limbourg who participated in both summer events. The intent is also to push the exhibition further, beyond Prague.We are not constricting the exhibition by a set theme, but rather following the potential of quality, certain originality — and I personally enjoy content that is surprising and provocative. Us selecting mainly figural sculptures for the third time running simply follows what is being created by the youngest generation. After all, the long-term goal of summer (and prospectively also non-summer) exhibitions in the Black Swan is to underpin the currently emerging moods and trends in Art. It is in this sense as well that I am collaborating as a curator with the artist Lucie Králíková from the Meduna Atelier at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague — for that matter, with the exception of Tomáš Alfery, this year’s artists were selected based on her concept and her tips. So don’t give in to scepsis and stop looking for a curator intent — maybe even slightly in defiance of your academic tutors, here and now the main topic is freedom. After all, it’s summer.
Martin Dostál